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NTS Products

High Performance Computing Cluster

Our products include HPC servers, clusters, and supercomputers based on industry-leading system architectures. From shared memory systems to desk side workstations, these products provide technical professionals and researchers alike, with superior performance and scalability in a design that is easy to deploy, program, and manage.

Clusters Solutions:
NTS Clusters solutions are highly scalable solutions for high performance, scientific and commercial computing workloads. The benefit of rack-mounted servers is in having commodity based, high performance computing in an industry standard form factor. NTS clusters offer a great processing foundation for High-Performance and Enterprise computing.

NTS systems are compatible with thousands of Linux applications, across a wide range of vertical industries.

NTS has many different solutions for across the broad spectrum of different cluster sizes that are possible. Our technical sales engineers can guide you through our cluster building block to arrive at the solution that is optimal for you.

NTS also offers a complete range of professional services and expertise to help simplify the planning, design, and implementation of your cluster system

Management and Development Tools:
Our products are designed to bridge the gap between easy to use desktops (with their compute, simulation and development tools) and the power, scalability, and cost effectiveness of parallel computer systems, clusters, and grids. The benefits of these tools include; significantly shorter time to value as analyses and simulations run faster; enhanced personnel productivity through more efficient use of resources per unit of time; increased competitiveness due to more complex and accurate computations; and more cost-effective computing through greater operating efficiency and elimination of unnecessary hardware.

 HPC Cluster  Solutions

1U Rackmount Servers

Rackmount Solution's
Custom Rackmount Servers
Intel and Amd based Solutions

2U Rackmount Servers

Blade Server Solution's
Custom Blade Servers both
Intel and Amd based Solution

3U Rackmount Servers

GPU Solutions
Custom GPU systems Nvidia Tesla and AMD FireStream  


Rackmount Servers

Linux Based Cluster
NTS Clusters Support all open source Linux operating systems

Storage Systems
Windows Based Cluster
NTS Clusters Supports Microsoft windows Operating System

Blade Servers

Hybrid windows and Linux
NTS Clusters Supports Hybrid Dual Boot Operating Systems



Rackmount Servers
Storage Servers
Blade Servers
HPC Cluster
Gpu Computing

Rackmount Servers

1U Rackmount server
2U Rackmount server
3U Rackmount server
4U Rackmount server
5U Rackmount server
6U Rackmount server
7U Rackmount server
8U Rackmount server
9U Rackmount server




Intel Workstations
AMD Workstations
GPU Supercomputing Workstations
High Performance Workstations
AMD FireStream